Never content with sticking to the status quo, we strive to develop games that can offer players new and unexpected experiences. We do this because we believe in the value of standing out and winning players’ trust in the long term.

Ever the optimists, we love the idea of players all around the world enjoying the results of our work. It’s this positive outlook that serves not only to shape our company culture but also as a guideline for everyday efforts, creating a quality assurance hive mind focused on delivering what players want to see.

United in our passion for gaming as a lifestyle, we work hard to produce the kinds of games that are, truly, by gamers and for gamers.

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UI/UX designer

As we grow our team, we’re looking to hire a sincere and motivated professional to play a key role on our team, working alongside other designers, developers and a product manager, to create world-class games.

What you will do

As UI/UX Designer you are responsible for the design of our stunning game projects. That is an important role: in everything that we develop, the customer comes first, meaning that design - not technique - is leading. That's why being a UI/UX Designer is challenging (and rewarding!).

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