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Post-apocalyptic multiplayer roguelite set in unwelcoming ocean depths.

Terrible Cataclysm

Taravana is a multiplayer roguelite dungeon crawler with dynamic content generation.

You are one of the humans who survived the Cataclysm. That’s where good news end though. After the Cataclysm the Earth as we know it is no more. Land is uninhabitable. 

Explore the World

Air is irradiated and poisoned. Few survivors live on the Base – a massive orbital space station that survived de-orbiting and crashing into the ocean.

You live off the ocean – but its waters are full with brutal mutated creatures, hungry monsters and strange remnants of the past. 

Find your way

You scrape and scavenge in your ichtis – diving suit designed for exploration and combat.

- Build or acquire better fighting machine
- Craft or reproduce deadly weapons to give yourself a fighting chance
- Hunt and kill beasts and horrors of the ocean depths

Сontinue forward

- Explore deadly, but beautiful underwater world which is never the same during your scavenging runs
- Navigate through hundreds of strange encounters and quests
- Partner up with other survivors – or show your fighting superiority in PVP
- Grow and perfect your own little mutant monster
- Learn what happened during the Cataclysm

Maybe one day you will be the one to lead mankind to its new rise — or perish trying.

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