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Supergreen: Rule the World


Help the little goblin to create an outstanding empire which he will rule in his older years.  


Adventure awaits You with amazing graphics, for well balanced locations and 16 types of weapons, all together with a funky tune.
Reach into the world of Golblins, and Rise to become the best one there is.

Adventure Awaits!


- Begin as a bug collector and grow to become the ruler of the world by conquering all races.

- Get as much gold as possible: steal from the humans, find treasures, rob the mines which belong to the dwarfs, explore the dragon dungeon and receive tribute from the conquered lands.

- Conquer new lands: human villages, forests and cemeteries, the lands of the forgotten kings. Get to the top of Dragons Peak.

- Learn new skills by learning in the school of fire and magic.


- Use the best weapons: Mecho-Spyder, Hero tank, release the hounds, the golden dragon. Get to the King Zeppelin to obtain victory.

- Enhance your character: dress the goblin into magical robes and dragon armor to be immune in battles.

- And don’t forget to have fun in breaks while You are resting from conquering new lands: do pranks, organize last man standing events in the arena and buy diamonds.


- Use the ointments and remedies to cure yourself, do the rite of atonement and bring soul sacrifices to the godds, all in order to replenish health.

- Rest from Your epic adventures by participating in the cockroach races: Hit the pesky cockroaches and get gold for it.

- Find Your strongers team members to rule the army and keep authority in the conquered lands.

- Clash in battles against monsters like – the undead, orks, elfes, knights, trolls and many more. Prove that You are the One!

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