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From Zero To HERO: Communist

From the creators of the ultra-popular game - From Zero to Hero!
Become a communist leader and bring light to the world of communism!

Work hard

Begin Your life as a poor worker, gathering crops in the fields.

Become a communist leader and bring light to the world of communism!


Live in a wagon and ride on a horse-drawn cart, begin your life from the bottom and plan your path to raising to a power.
Get contacted in multiple spheres and professions, scourge intrigues and unravels conspiracies', test your dictator skills in practice.


Repress traitors and all those who disagree with your opinion, find your competitor secrets, create Your army and destroy your enemies and be in control of the state as long as possible and don't die beforehand.

Overthrow the regime and establish your dictatorship! Build your party, become the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and achieve the prosperity of your dictatorship!

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