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United in our passion for gaming as a lifestyle, we work hard to produce the kinds of games that are, truly, by gamers and for gamers.

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Elteria Adventures

Build, trade, fight, forge alliances, and foster rivalries in the infinite world of Altiros Online. Forget limitations. Here, you can do just about anything you can imagine.

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Elteria is a beautiful open world full of dangers, mysteries and treasures! Explore it’s astonishing floating islands and learn it’s history along the way.

Your hero suddenly found himself in this world and now is looking for clues on how to get back home. A mysterious person approaches…


In Elteria Adventures, nothing stays the same for long. Explore a seamless world without loading screens or instances. All players affect the realm around them, forging their own stories, building or destroying cities, creating factions, facilitating trade, and more.

Chose your path

Every character's path is unique. In Elteria Adventures, there are no classes or professions to limit you. Choose any combination of skills, and put them to use. Characters have no levels, and skills are developed as they're used to create, destroy, and explore the vast world we're working tirelessly to put at your fingertips.


With a freeform building system and a wide variety of equipment, we're confident that you'll never feel like you've run out of things to do.

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