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A multiplayer horror survival experience set amid territories abandoned after a terrible disaster. For fans of dieselpunk and anyone looking for a real scare!

GAME World

Survival In an Open World

The events of Desolate take place on Ansora Island, a mysterious place inhabited by evil beings, terrifying monstrosities, and vile mutants – all the results of secretive experiments performed there by unknown forces.

The island is sizeable and packed to the brim with dangers, all of which you'll be able to encounter without a single loading screen.


You are not alone

NPCs are certainly a threat, but at least with them, you know what you're getting. It's when you run into other players that things can get really interesting. Will you work together to assure mutual survival, or will hotter heads prevail? Just remember that in Desolate, bullets are worth their weight in gold.


Seek Out the Truth

Desolate is set against the backdrop of a complex world with its own history. Notes, diaries, and voice journals scattered around the island offer players a glance into the past while also providing useful skills.


The monsters on Ansora aren't particularly friendly, but we are! Feel free to drop us a line with any feedback, suggestions, or (constructive) criticism. We really do appreciate it.

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